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 Issue 11

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PostSubject: Issue 11   Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:06 am


Weekly Pickaxe news
Hey Guys! Welcome to our 11th issue. We have been busy as usual, but we still got this issue in on time.

This was a good week in Minecraft. Golems, Stairs, lots of things good for mapmakers. There were also many cool community creations, as well as some amazing news: Jeb is engaged! He and his fiance should be very happy together, and their wedding will be well anticipated. Finally, Pocket addition got a new update, making it much more like Minecraft.

In this issue, we have news about Mojang, the weekly snapshot, a map of the week, and much, much more!

Don't forget, we have a nice small forum running right now, which still needs more members! If you want a nice small, mature community Minecraft forum, join up!

We hope you like this issue!
-Pickaxe Staff

Snapshot 12w08a

Mojang is releasing back on schedule and now villagers make their onw defence.

- Iron Golem added. More info in another article.
- Upside-down stairs are added. First mentioned half a day before release of the Snapshot and actually a wonderful addition to architecture. When you place a stair block to the down side of a block it will be placed upside-down.
- Lighting engine got fixed to work with the latest world format.
- The End generates again.
- Caves generate again.
- Redstone torches, torches and redstone can be placed on glass and glowstone
- Accidentally left in camera controls (Jeb called them "deadmau5 camera"), will probably be removed in the next snapshot. -- Pressing F6 causes the player to get "stuck" to the camera until F6 is pressed again. This allows players to appear to phase into blocks.-- Pressing F9 causes the camera to freeze in its position, allowing to see the player model rotating in third person view.-- Scrolling the mouse wheel (which also scrolls the inventory) rotates the forward, left, right, and back directions-- Pressing Y, H, U, O, I, K, J, L, N and M changes the camera positioning in a variety of ways. -- While pressing two functionally connected keys at the same time (example: Y + H) will revert that view back to normal.

And of course, the buglist:

- Birches and pines spawn only rarely.
- Zombies that are spawned on half steps will not burn in daylight untill they step on afull block.
- Camera controlls aren't bindable and trigger when you have one of your keybinds set on theirs.
- Blacksmiths in villages are much more rare
- When you enter a portal placed above cloud level (Y>128) and you go in and then back you find yourself at a different place at Y=64.

So, another awesome preview of the future of Minecraft is ready for testing (Client ( and Server ( are downloadable as always), next weeks will be mostly dedicated to bugfixing which means an update may be coming soon.


Minecraft/Mojang News

Well, the snapshot released, what now?
Jeb proposed (!/jeb_/status/173132685429063680) to his girl @242_girl (!/242_girl), she said yes, he posted it on Twitter and got the Reddit front page with it. Way to go, Jeb! We may have a little delay in upcoming features because of this.

But don't worry too much, as 1.2 is supposed to come out "soon". And "soon" means "maybe this week, maybe next...".

And what will the future of Minecraft hold for us? Curse posted an interview with Jon ( which announced more mob-interactions in the future so the Minecraft world would feel more "alive". Jon also explained that this "zombies invading villages" is not an overhead mob-interaction-code, it is just the combination of the zombie-likes-villager-brain, villager-runs-away-from-zombie, zombie-punch-down-doors and golem-punch-down-zombies modules. Those arejust small pieces of code making the Minecraft world more alive. And since all mobs are now supported by this new system these codes can be easily added to any mob.
Also mentioned is a possible trading with the villagers and making it worthwhile to protect them from the monsters, but it isn't really planned out yet.

Meanwhile Kaplan is working hard on fixing some bugs in Minecraft Pocket Edition (such as spawning on fire after having died because of fire), which is in turn the #8 top-grossing app on the US market. So way to go Minecraft (again)!
Oh, anyone who has Minecraft PE: double tap in Creative is the key to everything. First double tap jump to activate fly mode, then double tap up or down to go up or down...

Have fun playing Minecraft and see you next week.



Iron Golems

So, Iron Golems, the guardians of the villagers.

First of all, you can make them yourself. Just place 2 iron blocks on top of each other, add 2 blocks to the sides as arms, give it a head and in a haze of snow particles the Iron Golem arises. Villagers make (spawn) them themselves when they feel they need one (in older generated maps villagers may have trouble realising they need one). If the population of a village increases the amount of Iron golems will also increase. When killed they drop 3-5 iron ingots and an occasional rose.

How they behave? They're neutral unless attacked (just like wolves), they stay away from water as they don't float and will drown, they walk slowly (their 'sprint' is almost normal walking pace) around the town they spawned in, they offer flowers to villagers and they go after any enemy mob they see, except for creepers (just like wolves).
They are pretty much the 'tanks' of Minecraft as they do between 7 (3,5 hearts) and 20 (10 hearts) damage while throwing their target in the air, their HP is 100 (50 hearts, the only mob with more health is the Enderdragon (200, 100 hearts)) and they do not take fall damage. Their attack range is also bigger than normal, so they can attack through 1 block thick wall.
Also note that they will attack you after you've attacked a villager and you come into their line of sight (in surival mode), but they lose interest in you pretty quickly when you run away.
It is possible to use Iron Golems as an early source of iron as they are being respawned infinitely by villagers, but they are hard to kill and may kill you in one hit. It's not impossible, but rather improbable.

Some did already notice that the Iron Golem is modelled after and sometimes behaves (giving roses to children) like the guardian robots in "Laputa: Castle in the sky" (

So that's a pretty extensive post on Iron Golems. At first I thought adding this to the snapshot news, but then the Iron Golem bit got bigger than the rest of the article so I decided to split it up. I hope I clarified some things for you.
See you next week with more news,


What are Blocks 5: Blocks

Hello and welcome to the fifth “episode” of What are Blocks. Today we'll be discussing blocks. Yes, I said blocks, but this time it isn't a specific block, but blocks in general. I will go into the basics of blocks, for those who haven't played Minecraft, and I may go into coding details if I can fit it in.

Take any Minecraft world and everything will be blocks. The blocks are 1 * 1 * 1 meters. Most blocks can be picked up. If you walk up to a block, within 4 blocks to be exact, and hold your left mouse button while holding the cursor over the block in question, a miniature of the block will pop up and start floating in the space that the large block was in before. The miniature block will be automatically picked up by the character you're playing in the game if you walk close to it. It will then end up in a free inventory spot or on top of a block of the same type.

Blocks was the first component to be added in Minecraft. In the first demo of Minecraft recorded by Notch, there were two block types, cobblestone and grass. They could not be moved and they were randomly generated in a limited area with grass on the top and cobblestone underneath. Lighting was handled very simply, all blocks with sky-view were lit and all other blocks had a shadow.

All blocks have their own “class” in the Minecraft source file, and every one of those classes have the “Block” class as their superclass. For you with no experience with coding, a class is a block of code in a coding project, and is used as blueprints for objects in the program. For example, the “Dirt” class is only written once in the code, and for every dirt block that is generated or loaded into the memory, the block looks in the code for the “Dirt” class for what to do.

Without blocks, Minecraft wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't even be Minecraft. We should all be happy that blocks exist.

Written by MCMasta

Disks and Jukes by Thinkforgetfull

In Minecraft, perhaps the most sought after treasure is the set of 11 music disks. Each one of these disks contains an original C418 piece of music, and can be obtained in dungeon chests, stronghold chests and dropped when a skeleton deals the final blow on a creeper. These frequency of finding these disks scales with difficulty, so don’t expect to find many on peaceful.

The disks are called;”13”,”Blocks”,”Cat”,”Chirp”,”Far”,”Mall”,Melohi”,”Stal”,”Strad”,”Ward” and “11”. All of these disks, with the exception of “11” are obtainable in normal play, and are each worth listening to. If you can’t find (or can’t be bothered to find) “Cat” or “13”, these two are available on the “Minecraft – Volume alpha” album.
Each music disk contains a track with a completely unique feel and sound, and if you have time, it is well worth looking for them. In my own experience, the green music disk(“cat”) is by far the most common, and In my own opinion is better than “13”, the other disk that has been around since Alpha 1.0.14.

Jukeboxes, the key block used in Actually playing these records, were added into the game at the same time – their recipe is simply a diamond surrounded by wooden planks- an endgame item, as really, unless you have loads of them, are you going to waste a diamond on a jukebox when you could have armour or tools?
The jukebox block is rather special, as firstly, it cannot be pushed by a piston. This property is only shared by dispensers, chests, note blocks, obsidian, bedrock and monster spawners. (Portal blocks cannot be pushed, but as these are not available during normal play, I haven’t included them here.)

Secondly, the jukebox does some rather nifty decoding on the fly. If you were to open up you .Mineraft folder and find the music disk data, you wouldn’t be able to play it. Why? It is encrypted- an encryption the jukebox solves and plays in real time. Now, that is really something.

When you insert a disk into the jukebox, a flashing notification appears on the screen announcing which track is now playing. The music can be heard roughly 75 blocks in every direction, meaning that you can finally host that dance party you wanted so badly on your server. Due to the rarity of the disks and the jukebox, on servers running the Iconomy plugin, these two items can be sold for a lot of money – setting you up nicely.
On a final note, the jukebox is also the head of C418’s Mineraft character. Fitting really.

Thinkforgetfull out.

Community by Conkius

How many people are in the average family? Well, the biggest family I know has about 20,000,000 people. Although it has grown exponentially since a year ago, the community of Minecraft is still a family, working together, helping each other. If one of the family is in trouble, the rest of it help each other. People have gone out of debt, just because the Minecraft community helped to pay it off. If two different groups do videos, they aren't competitors, they are best of friends.

The community built by one man is the best of any I have ever seen. If I'm having a bad day, I can always come see the Minecraft world, because it always cheers me up. Of course, there is always that person who has to be a jerk, or does mean things, but for every one of those people, there are 1,000 nice people n the community. It holds kids, teens, adults, teachers, artists, cinematographers, comedians, people that would have never come together. It's a famous saying, that when you first start Minecraft, you will have no idea what to do. But then, you can always ask somebody else who knows, and they will always tell you.


PVP by Conkius

Some people build. Some people wire. And a very selected few are amazing at PvP, otherwise known as fighting other players. No, PvP isn't just swinging your sword or using your bow. PvP involves real quick thinking, through use of lava, splash potions, and other aspects.

The real trick of PvP is doing things that are unexpected. You need to be one step ahead of your opponent. For example, carrying splash potions would work. You throw a weakness or poison potion at them, and they won't know what hit them (well they will, but they wont be able to stop it). Using lava also helps, putting some down during a chase is a quick kill.

PvP is very different from killing mobs. Mobs have a certain pattern, certain AI that you pick up quick. After a while, they become easy. Real people are inconsistent, and unpredictable. There's no way to tell what they will do.

There are plenty of servers dedicated to PvP, where all the amazing people play. I don't go on there, because I can't fight for my life. If you have never tried it before, odds are, neither can you.


Map of the week: Planet Minecraft survival by theevilmushroom

This map sets you on what appears to be a run of the mill skyblock style map – a few trees, some reeds and a little water. However, there is so much more to this map than that. The main thing being, that you are not on a platform suspended above the void. In fact, you are on your own little planetoid – each of the sides of the planet represents a different biome. Of course, you are supposed to build scaffolding to get to the other sides, but where is the fun in that?

When I played this map, I used the GravityCraft mod, which let me walk between the faces without falling to my doom. This put a whole new perspective on things – you could fall up, for example.

Unfortunately, at time of writing (and playing) there was only a single planet available to explore, but the map has been updated with – a moon, and the Nether. All the more reason to download this great map.
This map is very fun, and despite coming from the “twisted survival” series of maps, is fun and not too hard – worth playing, and more so if you are creative in your use of mods.

- Wrtten by Thinkforgetfull

I still may be an idiot, but I'd rather be an idiot with an explosion...

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Issue 11
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