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 Issue 1

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PostSubject: Issue 1   Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:35 am

Minecraft News:

State on Minecraft

Minecon is over and Minecraft finally got released, now what?

Well, Minecraft development goes on, even if Notch is taking a break for a while Jeb is full on squashing bugs where Wiki members point him to.

But even if Minecraft 1.0 is already out for almost a week there are still some mods waiting to be updated. Main reason was the dependency of lot of mods on Minecraft Coder Pack, which got released only a few days ago. Lots of modpacks still are waiting for some core mods to be updated
The Technic pack for example still is missing an IndustrialCraft², as Buildcraft is already available for the Final Release.
Because of this lots of mods provide support for earlier versions of Minecraft, especially 1.8.1, while Minecraft Nostalgia and Minecraft Downgrader enjoy lots of downloads...

A very positive aspect of the most recent update is the absence of th usual patch-updates. There's been only one and only for the server.jar, so most Minecrafters are still playing the 1.0.0 version. The reason for this almost unusual update is the "leaking" of PreRelease files, basically unfinished versions of the game so the Minecraft Community could test the game for bugs and glitches. Most of it was communicated with Jeb through MinecraftWiki pages, which resulted in a very smooth Minecraft release.
A fun fact with these PreReleases was the accidental presence of some debug features, like the 1x1 glass towers in Prerelease 3, or the Camera Mode in PreRelease 5. It was very quickly communicated (mostly through Twitter) that they were debug features.

One feature Notch said he felt sorry for not being in the most recent update was the Modding API, as he was promising this for a long time, but it should be added very soon.

Yesterday (December 1st) Jeb released a "weekly Minecraft snapshot", a .jar file of minecraft with the version of Minecraft Jeb is working on at the moment. This gives voluteers of the Community the opportunity to dive in and search for bugs to help Jeb in debugging it further. Downloadlinks are on the Minecraft Forums and on Twitter.

The Other Retard,
News Correspondent

A Change in Coder

Notch has announced on his Tumblr Blog that from now on Jeb will be the lead developer of Minecraft. This in fact doesn't change much as Jeb already was doing the major part of the development, but now he will be officially in charge of Minecraft while Notch will be helping out as well as starting a new project.
So Jeb will working on Minecraft by himself until January when a new programmer will be joining him.

Jeb feels his main responsibility now will be creating a Modding API, but he warns the release will be not sooner than March.

That's about it for the current state of Minecraft. See you next week!

The Other Retard,
News Correspondent

Interview with JC from MinecraftDaily!

Hi, welcome to our first interview in The Weekly Pickaxe. This week, I interviewed jcvsmc, the creator of Minecraft Daily. If you don't know, Minecraft Daily is a video series posted every day that focuses on the days news, and spotlighting the community. JC makes multiple videos per day, also doing an LP (Dig for Victory), and does a remarkable job on all of his videos. Here is our interview.

Q: What was your main reasoning for starting the Minecraft Daily episodes?

A: I was doing an LP at first and wanted to talk about exciting minecraft news but always recorded lots of episodes in advance, so I decided to start the daily so I could talk about news and recommend stuff without it being out of date.

Q: When did you first hear about Minecraft?

A: I discovered it on reddit, at the time I was interested in another indie game called dwarf fortress and lots of people who played that were talking about Minecraft early on, I never expected Minecraft to end up so popular! I thought it would be just another geeky niche game that only I liked and my friends would think was boring.

Q: When you started the first few episodes of Minecraft Daily, how successful did you think it would be? Did you think it would be as popular as it is now?

A: I guess I didn't expect it to become my main priority. I did 7 episodes at first then stopped, then loads of my viewers kept begging me to make more so I did. It was just an experiment, I didn't know if it would be popular or not. (I'm very glad it is!)

Q: What was your main goal in making the series?

A: To save my audience time by giving them the most important news and recommending awesome videos.

Q: Whats your opinion on the recent updates (Since 1.Cool? What's your Favorite? Least Favorite?

I'm glad Endermen are a bit tougher now. I like the hunger bar, but wonder if there's too many types of food and if they should have different effects or something so there's a point.
I love enchanting and potions. Wish there were tougher mobs.

Q: What is the most Interesting thing you've reported on in your videos?

A: I've done 145 episodes now, there's too much to choose from! The Japanese Maid mod springs to mind however...

Q: On a scale of 1-10, How much do you think you help the community by showing off their creations?

A: Depends on how big the video creator is already? It's not really my main goal, it's a nice side effect, but my main goal is always helping my audience. I'm not a charity for small channels, I simply show the videos I think are good for the audience.

Q: What is the most amazing Minecraft Building you have ever seen?

A: The anime girl in episode 1 of minecraft daily. I'm not sure if it's legit or imported or what.

Q: You also do a Minecraft Lets play, right? How much do you enjoy that?

A: A lot! Now that Minecraft Daily is so popular the LP is almost irrelevant, the only reason I do it is because it's fun to play and then get suggestions/help from lots of people.

Q: Who is your favorite Youtuber(Besides yourself)?

A: Everyone in my Channel box

Q: What is the Worst Creeper moment you have ever had?

A:Episode 3 of Dig for Victory ._. I swear it killed me from a million miles away...


Haha, yah, those creepers'll get you if your not careful. Well, we hope to see many more videos of JC, and be sure to tuned in to his channel (

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Issue 1
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